Я хочу тут работать


Elilink, a group of outsourcing companies located in Minsk, Belarus; St. Petersburg, Russia and Saigon, Vietnam offering offshore software development and enabling US and European businesses to dramatically cut their costs on custom software solutions and IT infrastructure.

We have chosen a strategic global model combining the best of onshore and offshore web & software development to deliver premium quality services and products for partners and to our clients at very competitive cost.

Our Offshore Development Centers in Belarus, Russia and Vietnam enable follow-the-sun Development.

Elilink's robust Offshore Development methodology allows us to complete projects on a predictable, low risk path to deliver high quality results. Clients working with us from over the world are assured of maximum benefits of the outsourcing model.

Our rigorous offshore outsourcing methodologies also reduce time-to-market and provide a 24x7 delivery and support model. Our offshore outsourcing services not only prove to be cost-effective but also build business continuity and let our clients focus on core competency tasks.

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