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etSet company offers a full range of services in field of catering for business aviation.

A team of professionals involved in JetSet has an impressive experience in catering for the needs of business aviation operating in this segment of services market since 2007. Experts of the company repeatedly took part in providing catering services for guests of the annual Saint-Petersburg International Economic Forum, as well as serving a number of other significant events, such as G20 2013 in St. Petersburg & Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi.

At the moment JetSet company operates more than 2200 square meters of production facilities for both Moscow and Saint-Petersburg along with outstanding logistics abilities based on significant number of transport units and modern high-loaders able to reach any aircraft type. We are able to provide full range of catering services from meeting your a/c upon arrival to delivering a fine piece of cuisine right to the a/c. Dishwashing, laundry, storage, aircraft cleaning, foreign newspapers, great own menu and delivery from literally any of city restaurants.

The production site complies with all the needed local and international standards of quality.

CERTIFICATE for production of In-Flight catering standard ISO 22000:2005 (IQNet, International Certificate Network)

CERTIFICATE for airport activities FAVT A.01.03038 (Russian Federal Agency of Air Transport, governance of airport activity)

CERTIFICATE for HALAL #1403254897 (Federation of Muslims associations)


The company is developing its own line of packaging and focused on convenience with serving and heating products on board the aircraft.


We are available at LED (Pulkovo airport, Saint-Petersburg) and SVO (Sheremetyevo airport, Moscow) airports with delivery directly on board of aircraft.  We are also available at VKO (Vnukovo airport, Moscow), DME (Domodedovo airport, Moscow) with delivery to the terminal. We also have plans to start our catering units in all airports of Krasnodar Region (KRR, AER, AAQ, GDZ) and Ufa (UFA) in nearest future.


As a matter of fact JetSet is the only company in Russia specializing exclusively in catering services for business aviation and having all necessary certificates and authorizations.

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